LinkedIn Link Preview Image four Ghost Site Home Page

We have been trying to set up our website on Ghost CMS and have been experiencing some issues.

  1. The link preview image is working fine for Facebook, but there is no image for LinkedIn when we want to share our home page URL. We do see a preview image with all other posts, but not with home page. Our publication cover is a GIF file and we want to keep it like that. Is that a way to get it working?

Our site address is:

  1. When we delete a specific post, is there a way to automatically create a redirect for such deleted posts, i.e. to a certain permanent page, or home page?

  2. Our current theme (Lumen) has a pagination with limit of 24 posts per page, we want to make it an infinite pagination with scroll, so that the results are loaded automatically when the user scrolls down. How to achieve that? The specific page that we want to do is: Resources

1- I’m guessing that LinkedIn doesn’t like gifs. You can choose a different version to appear in the metadata from within ghost settings. I think LinkedIn uses the open graph image, so you’re going to set the Facebook image.

2- you’d need to manually edit the redirects.yaml file. Is there a reason you’re deleting posts? That’s generally not a great option for SEO. Redirecting to the homepage is called a “soft 404”. Google doesn’t particularly like them. I’m not saying you should never delete something, but it should probably be rare action.

3- multiple free ghost themes implement infinite scroll. That’d be a good place to look for ideas. You will need to edit the theme if it doesn’t have infinite scroll built in.

Thanks, @Cathy_Sarisky. I was actually able to use GIF using that Facebook image within Ghost settings; it worked (although it was confusing to set Facebook image for it to work on LinkedIn preview, yet I followed and it worked).

Second, we deleted some of the posts that we created only for testing purposes. As we don’t have much traffic on those posts (they were deleted within few minutes after creating), it should not be a problem to not redirect them. Your input on Google’s behavior is quite helpfu; thank you.

Lastly, I will look into the other themes with infinite scroll and customize my theme accordingly.

Thank you so much for your help. I have a separate query/request for which I would drop a direct message to you.