Login redirect "There was a problem on the server."

I’ve got ghost running and am able to see the default stories page, but when I navigate to domain.example/blog/ghost and login, the admin page flashes with an orange banner at the top with the quoted text from my post title.

And then I get redirected back to the login page again. I’ve tried different browsers and can’t get any of them to work. My configuration is

domain>cloudflare>server1:80 (nginx reverse proxy)>server2:80 (nginx proxy again>ghost

I’ve read the docs and the section about cloudflare, disabling the rocketloader etc suggested.

I’m sure the double nginx config is suboptimal, but I could not get by 502 bad gateways trying to proxy from server1 straight to server2:2368. If there’s anything else I should look at I’d appreciate it.

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