Lyra theme subscription action issue

hello everyone ,
i’m trying to make sure that choosing plan working correctly but after click on Choose this plan button i got this error
any help please
thanks in advance

Have you setup stripe in ghost admin properly?

  1. Enable Members
  2. Copy&Paste your Stripe Keys in the “Connect to Stripe” Section

Troubleshooting Step:

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thanks @daniel1 for your response ,
i’m sorry, i didn’t clarify my question well -
i’m working on localhost and already did what you suggested , but still have this issue

Hi @abdalla_saleh,

two possible error scenarios:

1. Make sure, that you copied the correct API Keys from Stripe

1.1. Copy them again to the corresponding fields in ghost admin
1.2. Restart Ghost $ ghost restart (otherwise ghost won’t reload the new stripe api key)

2. Charge more than 0$
2.1. You cannot start a subscription based checkout in stripe without having the proper minimum charge, that stripe requires

2.2. Change Price to at least 1$ and test again.

Let me know if that didn’t work out :slight_smile:

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thanks @daniel1 ,
Change Price to at least 1$ solved the problem ,thanks again
but when click the button i should redirect to payment information page , but nothing happens ,
then i got this error

Please have a look at the error log file for details.
path: /ghost/content/logs/*error.log