Accessing members form triggers a stripe error "something went wrong"

Hey everyone,
Has anyone else had problems with getting the members feature working?
The instructions on the ghost docs are really simple, I wonder if there is something else from the Stripe end that needs to be done.
I’ve made an account, entered my API and secret keys and chosen pricing…

The screenshot is what happens when I click the button to checkout, which is this:

<button role="link" data-members-plan="Monthly">Monthly plan</button>

<button role="link" data-members-plan="Yearly">Yearly plan</button>

Add button type to button like below

<button role="link" data-members-plan="Monthly" type="button">Monthly plan</button>

<button role="link" data-members-plan="Yearly" type="button">Yearly plan</button>

If it do not work then try using anchor tag instead of button

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-members-plan="Monthly">Monthly plan</a>

<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-members-plan="Yearly">Yearly plan</a>
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Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work. Thank you for responding though.