Magic Link not routing back to ghost website

I just finished setting up Mailgun on my self-hosted ghost instance. Users can sign-up and receive newsletters just fine. The problem I have is the magic link button that is sent to the email is pointing to maligun instead of my page and it errors out. The included link in the email works fine to login the user.

Here is the link it’s trying to redirect to with the button :

My guess was it was related to possibly analytics tracking but I went in and turned that off and no luck.

So, I’ve been researching and I think I may have found the culprit. It’s possibly the fact that Mailgun doesn’t handle HTTPS so you have to do some page changes on your DNS to fix that. I’m currently using DigitalOcean for my DNS, so if this fixes it I’ll post the changes that need to be made. Here is the article detailing the problem and a possible fix with CloudFlare.

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