Manual premium member cancel / upgrade

So I opened paid membership on my Ghost blog -
Already earned first $60 bucks.


  • my users can’t technically unsubscribe themselves (thankfully, zero unsubscription requests for now and can cancel them manually in Stripe dashboard)
  • but can I upgrade user myself manually in Ghost admin/database? Some of them are my paid patrons on Patreon and I believe it would be fair to give them free membership because they were already supporting me - how can I do it?
  • is there Membership API in Ghost so that I can tweak the code to use another cloud payments provider (Stripe is awesome, but I’m in Russia and would like to switch to RUB payments ini Russia to optimise taxes & transaction fees. Also Stripe doesn’t support Russia).

See this thread.

See this docs page.

See this thread.

You might want to check out the members category here on the forum which covers all of what you asked about, and more. And/or do a search.

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