MDX Integration

Does Ghost plan to integrate MDX in anyway? Particularly as content type alongside Markdown or HTML? I used Ghost as a headless CMS for my Gatsby project, which utilizes MDX for things like interactive footnotes. Being able to write this directly into the Ghost editor would be amazing!

Looking at MDX, it seems unlikely. MDX is not a content format but a templating language, it’s designed to be built statically with context/knowledge of available component files, build pipeline, etc.

That said, if you’re using a static site generator there’s nothing really stopping you from writing MDX into a html card and then treating the html value that you get from the Content API during your local build step as MDX. However, you’d sacrifice a nice editing experience and the ability to rely on generated fields such as the excerpt. To be honest if you’re trying to use MDX for content it sounds like you’re looking for a different tool than Ghost.

I see! I figured that may be the case, but I just wanted to be sure. Thank you!