Member engagement filtering - Ghost Changelog

Along with the recent addition of date-based member filtering, you can now filter your members based on their engagement with your content.

The new last seen filter updates each time a free or paid member interacts with your content, whether that is opening an email, or browsing content on your site. This allows you to find out who your most (and least) engaged members are.

For example, you can quickly discover:

  • How many people engaged with my content today? In the past week? Past month?
  • How many paid subscribers have zero engagement over the past 30 days?
  • How many free members haven't engaged in over 60 days?

These new filtering options give you more powerful ways to manage your audience, clean your subscriber list, or create segmented campaigns with offers.

Bonus: Name and Email filters are now also available.

It seems to me the 4.38 or 4.39 release fires the “member updated” event every time a member logs on. I have a webhook that listens for this event, and suddenly (after updating to 4.39) executions have skyrocketed. So I think it was this update. I could be wrong.

What I really need is a “member email subscription updated” event. But I could be happy if the member updated event doesn’t fire for new reasons. Am I on the right track with this? Thanks!

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