Members login problem

Out site has a large percentage of older users (60+) who use email applications and other browsers than default choosen by OS. Problem occurs when they visit the login link sent by email and default OS web-browser pops up. The next day they do not understand why they are not logged into their “personal choosen” browser (They think they have logged in previous day, but they have only logged into default OS browser). They therefore become very frustrated with having to log in every single day

Someone who has any idea how we can solve this?
It’s not so easy to get hundred of them to copy the link from the email to another browser.
We also have good skills when it comes to development, but do not want to switch to a password login solution.

Why don’t they change their default web browser?

An important factor is computer knowledge. The majority of them do not understand the concept of different browsers. Some of them also uses mail apps with built-in browsers. Many gets angry when we try to explain and think it’s getting way too complicated.They request regular login with password :frowning:

Understandable. But SSO is easier, doesn’t require passwords to be remember or stored in the database etc.

I think there is no way around that. Perhaps create an article to teach them how to change default browser?