Membership Tiers: beta feedback/issues

Thank you for alerting us and digging into this. I’ve shared what you found about the #foreach helper with the team. We are looking into this now.

functionality is supposedly out of beta

At the moment, Tiers actually is still in beta. We are working towards a GA release shortly along with updated documentation.

Ah, I misunderstood. Apologies for speaking a bit hastily.

From the docs:

The {{#foreach}} helper is context-aware and should always be used instead of Handlebars each when working with Ghost themes.

So, based on that I’m guessing permanently replacing all #foreach with #each in our themes is probably not the right solution.

I hope you’ll let us know when you have an ETA on a bugfix for this.

Looking at this further, it seems only the @products collection is affected by this. The other instances of foreach appear to still be working.

Thanks, @coffeemonk. You’re correct - using #each isn’t the right long-term solution.

We’ve tracked things down. First, the long-term solution will be going into the next release so things should be back to normal on your site shortly, without the need for adjustments.

In the meantime, there is a short-term fix that can be added at the theme level that will solve the problem. You can add visibility="all" to the #foreach helper like so:

{{#foreach @products visibility="all" as |product|}}

As I said, this is short-term and won’t be necessary after the next release. In the future, you can consider removing it in order to ensure tiers that have been hidden in Portal are removed from your custom subscribe page automatically.

Looks like this update has been pushed to Ghost(Pro), and I’ve updated my theme to take out the visibility="all" workaround and things seem to be working alright. Thanks for the quick response, @prschulz and team!


:wave: Hi @prschulz!

Do you know when the documentation for Tiers will be updated? When Tiers is already in GA, I would like to provide support for this feature :)

Good timing, @fueko!

Here are the newly published docs specifically on the {{tiers}} helper for themes. More docs around tiers will also be coming shortly.


This is great news, thanks so much @prschulz!

Hi all!

We’ve updated our docs with the new endpoints related to the Members API :tada:

  • The Admin API docs include information about the tiers, offers, and members endpoints
  • The Content API docs include information about the tiers endpoint

Thanks for this, Ryan (and team)!

Can we assume the same properties will be available to the @members theme object? Specifically w/r/t subscription[].tier ?

Can we assume the same properties will be available to the @members theme object? Specifically w/r/t subscription[].tier ?

Yes. Here are all the top level fields on @member

  • uuid
  • email
  • name
  • firstname
  • avatar_image
  • subscriptions
  • paid
  • status
  • products