Membership Tiers: beta feedback/issues

No way, that totally fixed it, thanks!

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I have sent an email to support, but wasn’t sure how to report/file a Portal-related issue, so thought I’d bring this here in case anyone has any suggestions…

I’ve been converting my custom membership page over to the new Tiers beta to display dynamic tiers using a combination of an @products loop and some creative javascript and css. I’ve solved all the display issues, but at the moment my custom tier signup/upgrade buttons are barely functional. I’ve tried both the portal signup data attributes and the links, and neither has worked correctly or consistently, but I’ve finally gotten them to a point where they are somewhat consistent, but except in one case, they don’t take the user to the appropriate Portal tier signup or stripe payment page.

I’m fairly certain that the links generated by the Portal admin (with NO trailing slash) don’t match what the portal front-end .js is expecting, which, based on the following code appears to REQUIRE a trailing slash:

    getPageFromLinkPath(path) {
        const customPricesSignupRegex = /^signup\/?(?:\/(\w+?))?\/?$/;
        const customMonthlyProductSignup = /^signup\/?(?:\/(\w+?))\/monthly\/?$/;
        const customYearlyProductSignup = /^signup\/?(?:\/(\w+?))\/yearly\/?$/;

I’m not 100% sure the above code is a culprit in all this, but playing around with the links (by adding the missing trailing slashes), it does seem to match the behavior, at least for the “yearly” links. I can’t get the “monthly” links to function at all for existing members, so have resorted to using /portal/signup/{{id}}/ so it will at least open the portal account page like the yearly links currently do.

It’s worth noting that the behavior is different depending on the user’s membership status and which link (monthly or yearly) they’re clicking:

  1. Existing Members
    a. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/monthly/ — Does nothing
    b. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/ — Displays Portal account modal
    c. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/yearly/ — Displays Portal account modal
  2. Non-members
    a. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/monthly/ — Loads correct Stripe payment page
    b. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/ — Displays Portal plans page w/Failure message
    c. #/portal/signup/{{id}}/yearly/ — Displays Portal plans page w/Failure message

In all this, the only link that appears to work as it should is the non-members’ monthly link.

I’m guessing this is a bizarre sequence of bugs/mishandlings related to the signup link handling logic in Portal, but if it’s something I (or the original London theme on which my theme is based) has fouled up, I hope someone can steer me toward a solution.

Awesome, I was just searching for this in Genki and couldn’t find it myself, then I saw this.

Do you plan to update it sometime soon, knowing this? Because as it stands now I keep my Membership page deactivated not to confuse people.

The hardcoded free tier is very confusing for the subscribers, because mine doesn’t only offer a “free preview” but all articles, in full, from an entire category. Is this going to be able to be edited soon? :blush:


Hi @Franka_Grubisic_Stud At this moment I can not add 'Tiers’ support to the theme. I have to wait for the support of the 'benefits’ list in themes, as soon as it is possible I will start updating the theme :slight_smile:

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Just to follow up on my bug report, at least part of the issue has already been fixed, and I’ve been told that an additional fix is forthcoming, so I’m hoping next week or shortly thereafter all my custom membership links will work the way I’m expecting.

I like the idea about tiers, really nice.

Is it possible or planned to add benefits to the free tier as well?

That should be in option for people who just want to have a free PayPal.

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I’ve encountered a weird bug with tiers-using portal, and so far only on one specific phone, and in only one orientation.

When I pull up portal (Ghost 4.24.0) on an iOS 13.3.1-using iPhone 7 Plus (not mine, it’s a friends’ that I borrowed for trying out a spec site I’m working on) not only do I not see the “Sign in” link next to “Already a member?” down at the bottom, but nor can I swipe up or down. However, when I rotate the phone over into landscape orientation the “Sign in” link appears and I can readily scroll up and down. This doesn’t happen on my first-gen iPhone SE, nor on any other phone I’ve tried things out on.

I can send a 20mb screen recording to someone if they’re interested in seeing what I mean. (It’s a spec site I’m putting together, so I can’t share the screen recording publicly here on the forum.)

Edit: I should add that the “Sign up” link is there when I open up portal by tapping on the “Log in” button. But when I tap on “Sign up” I’m taken to the non-working portal modal, as mentioned above.

Checking to see if anyone had this resolved? I’m having the same issue, a red bar popping up at the top of the post editing screen.

Is there currently a way to have the currency show in the portal next to the pricing? We can obviously select currency on a per tier basis - but I can’t see any way to make the portal show the currency being used. I get that this does show up in stripe, but it would be great to have it on the main portal page.

Adding my feedback. Love this feature, but I think it needs a few things for it to be really valuable.

  • The ability to have a Free tier that’s fully customizable with the ability to edit the description and add benefits. From what I read in another thread, this might be launching soon.

  • The ability to have a free tier and only 1 paid tier in the nice tier selection interface. Right now you need to have at least 3 selected in the Customize Portal screen for it to switch to the better UI.

A couple of things I’ve noticed/would like to see added:

1 - When a user upgrades to a paid plan, it doesn’t send them a payment receipt.
2 - It would be great if Ghost would use the Stripe tax system so that GST or VAT etc can be charged depending on the country the user is from. That way people will be charged the right tax if it’s set up in Stripe.
3 - I echo the ability to modify the free plan description. Also would be good to be able to remove plans.
4. It would be great to have a method for customising the accents for just the portal - seperate from the other accent colours. I’ve noticed this is hard to modify given a lot of it seems to be set in javascript.
5. Another bug i noticed. When you delete a stripe connection, sometimes the plans lose their settings. We had the plans all lose their dollar values. And one of the plans lost all of its benefits.

@coffeemonk - Following up to let you know that we’ve released an update to allow you to set the description and add benefits to the free tier! This is live on the latest version of Ghost now.


Great news! Thanks for letting me know!

Would love the ability to create a coupon code that works for every tier, monthly and yearly (something like $5 bucks off any tier)

Is it possible to filter members by tier yet?

Looks like a recent release has broken my account and membership pages again. Would be great if we could get some advanced notice on breaking changes to product/member helpers. Very little of it the product stuff is documented at all, but this functionality is supposedly out of beta, so should be a little more stable than it’s been the last few months. As a Ghost(Pro) client, my ghost install gets updated automatically, so things get broken and I have no idea until I happen to either manually update my local dev environment, or randomly think to click through the production site.

Is there any chance we’re going to get up-to-date documentation on the @member and @products stuff?

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Agreed - same problem here

preliminary diagnosis is they’ve got rid of the #foreach helper. But I think the #each helper does the same thing?

yeah, replacing #foreach with #each appears to be resolving my issues in my local dev environment.