Membership with JAMstack

I am utilizing Gatsby to power static pages with Ghost as the headless cms. As per the suggestion, Ghost is password protected.

If we have to utilize Ghost for members only posts, how could we achieve it.

Just to be clear, the final state I would like to have is given below

  • Gatsby - public content (created from Ghost)
  • Ghost - Members only content

@john @hannah any inputs here ? Thanks !


Hey there! To begin with in the beta period, members is quite tightly coupled with Ghost’s native front end (handlebars). In future we do plan to make this more decoupled and available as a headless service, but at present we’re keeping it as simple as possible to that we can move faster with early development :slight_smile:


Thanks. Great work to launch memberships. Looking forward to future versions.


I was wondering how restricted pages could be integrated into the JAMstack. This is a neat solution! :+1:

Is there a way to enable just email subscription for Gatsby based theme as it worked before Ghost 3 (sending requests to /subscribe)?

Any updates for this by any chance?