Memory & Cpu Usage (Client)

Hello Everyone,

I’ve noticed that Ghost uses a lot of CPU on the client side, and I’m not too sure why. Here’s a screenshot of Ghost (Ghost-CLI version: 1.9.8, Ghost version: 2.9.1, and Casper theme Version 2.8.0) and the subsequent rendering on Safari:

What’s the best way to stop it from invalidating/repainting the page, almost every ms…?

I quickly checked other themes, and this seems to be also present.


@Kheo on which page are you seeing this? On your site’s front-end (what your visitors see) or in the admin panel?

On the welcome page (site front end), but not on an article page. The problem is also present on (80% of 1 out of 4 CPU, also much less than a vanilla Casper theme), so you should give it a try.

I think it’s prevalent on Safari, but couldn’t see the issue on other wb…

Speaking of which, I’d be interested to know how you guys create the categories on Would you have a link to share?


Interesting, this appears to be a bug in Safari itself. I can replicate with latest stable Safari but the issue isn’t reproducible when using Safari Technology Preview.

I don’t think there’s much we can do about it other than wait for the next Safari release but by all means open a PR on the Casper repo if you can track down what’s causing it :)

The blog theme’s source is available here It’s not packaged as a ready-to-use theme as it’s highly tailored to our blog content but you should be able to see how everything is done.

if you can track down what’s causing it

I wish I could but my knowledge of JS doesn’t go that far… i’ll give it a shot, just in case.

Thanks for the link!

I’m not sure it’s related to JS, the timeline is not showing any JS events which is what suggested to me that it’s a bug internal to Safari. Maybe something to do with a specific combination of CSS, or an event handler that has a bug which causes style invalidation.

That’s how bad I am at JS… can’t even figure out when it’s not JS. :cry:

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