Meta description not updating?

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Version: 5.63.0+moya

Hi everyone! I’ve updated my Meta data, however, when I search “herhappyhealth” (without the .com) in google, some old info still comes up. I’ve included screenshots below, saved it a few days ago, and have tried looking up the website on multiple devices/browsers. What can I do to clear out the old info? Thanks so much!

You can use Google search console to request that the Google bot visits your site again, but there’s not much else you can do. The Google bot does revisit sites, but it isn’t instantaneous.


Ah, thank you so much! New website owner here, I guess I should be thankful that google came by the first time?

@herhappyhealth You can sign up for Google’s Search Console feature to get personalized insights about how Google’s search engine is relating to your domain:

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Thank you so much, Mark! I signed up for this. Appreciate your kindness :smiling_face: