Migrate ghost to another host

Using latest Ghost install on Pikapods at https://barnabynagy.com I want to migrate my installation to Railways.app Is it just exporting from the labs and then importing or is there a better way? Will this export and import include images for the posts too or only text? Includes members?

that export doesn’t include images or members. There’s a members export separately, in the members page of the admin panel.

If you have shell access on both hosts, you can move the entire content/images folder from one host to another.

That’s not good news… So I have to upload those images manually then… what a shame… I se re members. Does that include meta data on the members?

I don’t know if you have shell access, I’m not that advanced user. But I can see I have SFTP and database access.

You can upload the entire folder of images into the correct location. You do NOT need to manually re-add each one to a post.

You may find this helpful: How to migrate data from Ghost to Ghost

Ah ok ok, thank you so I will try

Worked, thank you very much!