Need Assistance: "Invalid SSL Certificate" Error for Non-www Domain on Cloudflare

Good evening, everyone.

I’ve been setting up a new Ghost Pro blog and successfully mapped my domain - - to it. Furthermore, it seems that the free SSL Certificate from Cloudflare is functional, as I no longer receive an HTTPS-related warning from Chrome when navigating to my blog.

However, an issue arises when I try to access my blog using (omitting the www.) - I encounter an “Invalid SSL Certificate” error page generated by Cloudflare. Both the browser and Cloudflare statuses are indicated as “Working”, but a “Host” error is highlighted.

The page further explains that “The origin web server does not have a valid SSL certificate.”

My question is, do I need to take any specific steps within Cloudflare to procure a free SSL certificate for, in the same way that it’s evidently operational for the www equivalent?

I appreciate any insights or assistance with this matter.

Thank you in advance.