Migrating from Japanese blog hosting service "amebaownd" to ghost

I am a Japanese travel blogger and have been blogging on a Japanese blog hosting service Amebaownd. I’ve been looking to migrate to ghost but I can’t find any article about migrating from such a niche blog hosting service. Can anyone please help me? Many Thanks.

You could reach out to the Ghost(Pro) concierge service. If they are unable to assist, they will point you in the right direction.

Alternativly, take a look at this article.

Do I have to pay the annual plan to reach out to them? I wouldn’t want to commit to an annual plan just to learn from the concierge team that I can’t migrate my blog content from amebaowned. I did a bit of research and it said amebaowned does not support exporting to other platforms, so I’m a bit anxious how this is going to turn out when migrating. Thanks.

They don’t charge for migrations if they can be done, but they do expect you to take on a Ghost(Pro) subscription. That sees fair to me.

If there’s no way to export from your current service, you could write a script to crawl the site and parse relevant data into a JSON file for use by the Ghost import routine.

Alternatively, depending on the total number of posts, you could copy the contents directly using reader view in a web browser.