Moderators why is this forum so strict on posting in the Marketplace section?

I am assuming the team behind Ghost want more and more people from non-techie backgrounds to adopt Ghost - people like me! If so, people like me will need to pay for occasional help to people who are more technical. And at this moment, it seems like new members have to wait an undisclosed amount of time before they can post in that section to be able to hire, someone, in the marketplace!
I don’t understand why this is like this? I am already able to start threads and add links to my threads. So, what is the problem in me asking someone for help and paying for that help?
Thank you.

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Hey @RyanUK :wave:
The reason for not being able to immediately post in the Marketplace category has been explained in the Marketplace pinned topic:

Sounds like you should be using the Help category anyway. People from the Ghost community will be sure to see it just as prominently there as it would in the Marketplace category. Hope this helps :blush: