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Hey everyone,

I want to move my blog from Squarespace to Ghost. But there’s no documentation on this at all. Since Squarespace only exports XML files and Ghost doesn’t except it. I could not make it work. The only resource that I could find was this.

I tried to do the things mentioned in the post but since I am no coder, I am not able to resolve the error that I am receiving. Can anyone help me convert XML files to Json files that Ghost supports. Any help is greatly appreciated because I am at my wits end here.

Hey @reckless :wave:
Let’s see if we can help. Can you explain the error in more detail? How far into the tutorial did you get?


thanks for replying. I have created the index.js and package.json file. But when running the last command (npm run create), Terminal is showing this error.

Did you run the npm install step?

Yes I did.

Ah ok cool. This does seem like a fairly technical approach, however Squarespace haven’t really provided you with a very flexible export. I’ve managed to get the same code running on my machine. If you want to share the XML with me then I can give it a go? No problem if you’re not comfortable with that

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Hey, I got it working. Just ran everything from start again. I think you were right. npm install was the problem. It worked when I ran it the second time after you said it. Thanks a lot for your help.

I will still have to upload all the images manually though. That’s a problem in itself. But at least all my posts with tags, publishing date, and everything is on ghost now.

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No problem! Did their export not give you the images? There might be a way to pull down all those images :thinking:

I don’t know. Even the blog says it cannot import images. I can send you the XML file if you want. You can take a look at it. Is there a way to privately send the file to you?

Images can be imported into Ghost, they can be done as part of a zip file or by dropping them into the content directory in Ghost. Go to my profile on here and there should be a private message option :blush:

Can’t find the private message button. Can you send me a message and then I can reply to it.

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