Multiple newsletters, one ghost. Is it possible?

I’m trying to launch the first of -hopefully- many newsletters, a la, and although I can figure things out on 1 installation, my questions has to do with the future, ie: the next 60 days because you know how hard it is to change things mid ride.

All I need is to have one, serving more than 1 paid newsletter. Ie:


Would you do this using multiple ghost instances? Or is there a way to achieve this by using a single ghost account, with different landing pages for each newsletters and different subscribers?

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Our beta members feature has three content access levels —public , members only and paid-members only. Email newsletters are sent based on the content access level of the post, for example, if you send a post with an access level of paid-members only – all of your paying members would receive the email (provided they haven’t unsubscribed from email).

If you’d like to run two separate paid newsletters, each with their own subscriptions and members, then you’d need to use multiple Ghost instances.