Dawn Theme questions

Hi all!

First, thanks for making an awesome theme as Dawn open source :slight_smile:

I am trying to customize it but I am having a couple of issues:

  1. routes.yaml seems to ignore the changes in the taxonomies. I tried to modify there both author and tag so that it is shown in a different language but it ends up in 404:

    tag: /cat/{slug}/
    author: /autor/{slug}/

  2. I tried to create a locales/ca.json file but I believe it did not pick it up. I could change most of the language just by modifying the templates directly. However, in the membership everything appears in English and I cannot find those strings in the source code:


Iā€™d really appreciate any input on this!


The locales/ca.json was properly configured. However, the membership is in beta and is not yet fully customizable!

Regarding the routes, they need to be uploaded via the Ghost Lab and not directly in the theme.zip.


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