New apps integrations


I might be rambling here :slight_smile: but I was looking at the Apps section of my blog and I was wondering if it doesn’t make sense to add here several other standard app integrations that people might frequently use, such as:

  • Google Analytics & Tag Manager
  • GitHub (for people to manage and modify their themes or integrate their projects - I think this would be something cool to have for a theme, use it from github and sync your changes with the upstream theme updates)
  • <insert other sexy, cool and popular app that people use frenquently here)

Thinking about how these usually work it seems to be a “simple” authentication integration via the app auth api.


Apps haven’t really been fleshed out at all. You have to do some hackery in the database to even allow adding new apps. I documented it in the old slack channel many moons ago.

TL;DR: Not worth the effort until they finalize the spec on app integration on the Ghost side.