New filters feature leaves a lot to be desired!

First, let me acknowledge that the new filters feature for interrogating the list of members is a good step forward, BUT…why have Ghost removed the SORT feature on a column? It makes no sense that I can list all members with an open rate greater than 1 but then can’t sort them into descending order.

Export the file, I hear you say. BUT…the export CSV file does not contain the data from the filter.

This means that I don’t see how I can rank my members by open rate anymore…unless you know otherwise?

Second, the other problem I have is that since the change went live, my Open Rate count in the dashboard has stopped working. I can see in Mailgun that emails are being opened but my Dashboard still says an open rate of 0%.

This has to be connected to the new feature, doesn’t it?

All help gratefully received because so far I’ve wasted a ton of time trying to figure out what this new feature is going to do for me.