New settings layout

I’m not really liking the feeling of the new settings layout, it just feels messy. i find myself getting lost with all the settings displayed on the right hand side. with all the settings displayed on the right it feels redundant to have the settings map/contents available on the left. the old settings layout felt more organized since you could click through and see only the specific settings you wanted to see. i feel like i maybe understand where the motivation for this change was, keep everything displayed to the user in the ui, i like the same when im writing technical documentation. in this case when looking at settings it just feels overwhelming when im clicking around and changing things. perhaps it would feel more clean if when you click on an item on the menu on the left it only displays on the right the subsections or the specific menu item you clicked on.


To have a more focused experience in the settings, you can use the search feature which will filter the visible settings to just the ones that match.

that doesnt really accomplish what im talking about. if i search for “site” it doesnt show me all the settings you would need when editing options under the site section, its just searching for that term in the whole of the settings(which can of course be useful if i know what im looking for). maybe it will take some getting used to but it just feels so disorganized now. with the old settings i could clearly see where i was at editing things.

also the code injection section is this tiiiiiny little box now lol, guess ill be editing in a text editor first then pasting in.


I do like how the labs section is broken out with tabs. when you click on Labs it has a tabbed section. that organization makes sense to me. if the left menu panel was just a list of the major sections and then displayed the sub sections as tabs on the right side that would make this new settings layout much more neat and organized. with the current i feel like i have to scroll up and down a bunch of times to find what im looking for.

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While I appreciate the fresh look of the new settings, it has seriously messed with my workflow. Now, I have to scroll down the page or hunt through the side menu to find the option I’m looking for, which is just extra hassle.


Before, the Code Injection box showed 15 lines of code, now it shows only 10 lines of code. Both are pretty small, but in the new AdminX, just above Code Injection to the right there is a “Fullscreen” button which wasn’t there before. This makes the code editing window as large as possible, so that’s an improvement. :sparkles:

One reason that the AdminX settings might have felt hard to navigate was that there was a bug in that “Code Injection” couldn’t be searched for.

I’ve just submitted a patch for that now. Assuming that’s merged and released, soon searching for “Code injection” will work.

Hopefully a dev will go through the rest of the menus to make sure there aren’t any similar cases that slipped through QA.

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I agree, this new admin UX design is horrible and has completely ruined the Ghost experience for me.


Is this with the latest Ghost admin? I’m still at [5.59.2] but I don’t really see any difference.

Where I can see an example of the new settings? With this, image editing and the post history, very scared of updating at this point.

You can find an example here - New settings UX - just great - #2 by XPGained

Honestly looks like a styling error. Horrible.


Damn, this sidebar menu will look even worse on mobile. The previous menu with big icons was very good.


yeah i thought mine was broken at first, like some sort of css thing hadnt loaded correctly lol. from a user experience/UI perspective its also not very efficient. to edit the secondary footer it went from 2 clicks to 4, granted in some cases it did remain the same amount of clicks though.

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Theres been a few posts in the forum about this already, any thoughts from ghost devs? I’m holding off on updating some of my instances because of this change. the new layout is just a bad user experience and adds clicks to the whole process.

it would have been nice to put this change under the Labs section and then with metrics gauge how many people are actually using/liking this change. i just edited two different sites with the code injection and it was a much more complicated experience with the new layout compared to the new. the injection page editor is much larger and the full page on the old layout, its also weird how the main admin side bar on the left side goes away when you go into the settings with the new layout. with the old layout you could still jump back to the posts or dashboard very quickly.


I find the new settings screen very disorienting. Both in the vertical dimension and in depth when going “into” an option. I wonder what the rationale was for changing it.


Today was the first time I encountered it. Definitely different but I like having things in one place. It’s similar to other web builders.

Reluctantly updated my instances. Definitely many more clicks and need for having to search for what i’m looking for when it was just a simple single click to show what I needed. The admin-x settings is not a very productive change. I would love it if there was an option to switch back to the previous view, it was much easier to use and much more user friendly with how it was organized.

While true, the change and this larger discussion make me wonder how much of an edge-case my use of it might have been regarding the code injector.

While infrequent (and notably on largely unimportant low-traffic personal projects :slightly_smiling_face:), I would/will often use the code injection functionality to test-run styling adjustments before committing them to the theme fully/properly. Before I moved to a Creator subscription I used it even more, as injection was the only option.

Before this change, it was easy enough to work through (and back myself out of) revisions. The editor textarea filled the screen well enough (as noted above, not as much as the new fullscreen feature), but it stuck around after triggering a save via CMD-S. I could switch to another live/preview tab and check things out… then return to the code injection window for further fine-tuning or undoing.

With the change in presentation and how the fullscreen mechanism now operates, CMD-S does still save, but it also kills the full-screen display simultaneously. This also has the effect of preventing any ability to easily “undo” edits/changes with CMD-Z (or if I were to walk back a few edits with CMD-SHIFT-Z.)

It’s not exactly a dealbreaker, but it’s a good distance from ideal, considering the workflow that the previous implementation afforded me.


I also would prefer that the window not close on save. It’s rare that I don’t want to make more changes after saving and testing. :)


The new close-on-save behavior could be considered a regression and fixed.

Consider opening an issue about that in the Bugs category.


There’s an incredible amount of wasted usable space on the sides of the settings. Why does it not keep the side bar on the left so you can still jump to posts? This is another usability problem with this new settings view, adding more clicks to be able to get back to editing posts.