Landing page - Am I nuts or is this a good idea?

Hi there,

I want to use Ghost’s blogging features as well as having a nice landing page. I read the article about changing the routes and creating a home page that can be edited within Ghost. That works. So far, so good.
For a nice looking landing page I want to have more styling options, different text blocks should have different layouts. I don’t want to add styling details in the content, because content should be writing by the biz guys. And I don’t want to add the content in a hbs file inside the theme, because that’s not their territory.

What I’m thinking of right now is, to have one collection for the blog posts and a different collection for the “part” of the landing page. I could create e.g. an index-landing-page.hbs and could loop over each “post” and format and display it in full detail.

Is this nuts?
Thanks for your idea and feedback.

Best, Leif

PS: I’m using the ghost pro trial right now

Yes, you can do that. Instead of loop through posts, I use some pages for specific blocks and use “get” helper with a slug filter in the theme to get specific page content.

Cool. Thanks for the tip using “get”.