Newsletter design + membership integration


I’m working on moving from Substack for Ghost Pro. For the web/membership component all is working well but I’m having trouble finding a way to style and influence the built-in newsletter from a design a UX perspective.

Is this possible? Can I influence the HTML of the built-in newsletter sent out to members (logo, dividers, CSS). Are there recipes that translate the web feature to the newsletter?

If it’s not possible, can I route the publication and memberships through Mailchimp (having all membership features from Ghost still working like access to the website, etc)

On Substack it’s all integrated, on Wordpress it would be a mix to WP + Memberful + Mailchimp + Stripe (like Stratechery). Is the solution here Ghost with memberships + Mailchimp to have a styled newsletter (?).

Ghost seats in the ideal middle for the web but I’m having trouble finding and understanding how the newsletter components work.

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Hey @bartek :wave:
It’s currently not possible to customise email templates in the beta Members feature. But you could certainly integrate Ghost with Mailchimp using Zapier. You could send a new campaign to your members with Mailchimp, and still let members log into your Ghost site to see their members specific content:

We also have a thread asking the community what they’d like to see with a feature such as this: Email Template Customization