Newspage style template


I want to create a website on ghost that works pretty much like this:

Is there a template for this, or something close?


Nobody? sigh. Someone must have some idea.


Https:// or


Thanks for responding. The page lists several themes. It’s not clear to me which one is going to give me the kind of presentation I asked about.


Well :slight_smile: you know best what you want so search through those themes (as you have multiple options now), check their previews, see which ones are best maintained (up2date) and figure out which one serves your needs best.

We cannot do that for you :wink: as that is a choice you need to make. And btw, most probably you will need to customize the theme to make it work as close as the example you mentioned.

I can tell you only what I liked from those links (I also bought them): Polar, Daily News & Curious. I use Polar on one blog, but I use the translated Casper (default Ghost theme) on another.


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