Nginx Unit - part of future?

I’m simply curious, now that I’ve discovered NGINX Unit, whether ghost will be veering in the direction of using it. It seems like a more efficient service than nginx: What are the benefits of using NGINX Unit? - Octopus Deploy.

Recipes (*.conf) for configuring matomo and wordpress I’ve already found.

Of Course there are also downsides to this new, shiny tech … such as node.js code needing tweaking if I understood the above article correctly.

I don’t see where there’s a roadmap on github: GitHub - TryGhost/Ghost: Independent technology for modern publishing, memberships, subscriptions and newsletters..

I don’t think there’s anything stopping you from using NGINX Unit if you’re self hosting. That being said, I doubt it’s something that would be prioritized as a default for the CLI, as binary dependencies have historically caused several issues, so the number is generally limited.

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