Not all markdown syntax gets converted into their proper html elements


I’m quite certain I’m just missing something here, but thought I’d ask anyway.

When I try to use markdown syntax in the post editor, like this ==this should highlight==, it won’t turn into <mark>this should highlight</mark> HTML tag on the actual post (like I would assume). Some markdown syntax works just fine, but not all of them (as been specified in the Markdown syntax popup helper).

If I use the actual Markdown code widget (under the + inline menu), then all the syntax works. What am I missing here? :slight_smile:




The Koeing editor has support for markdown-like writing, but isn’t a markdown editor, if that makes sense :slight_smile:


Ah, ok! So writing in actual markdown editor and then importing (copy pasting) that should work? :slight_smile:


You can make an entire post a markdown card and then you get all the markdown options.

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