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So as previously mentioned, Chinese input isn’t working properly on Koenig Editor. So I switch back to markdown editor, but later I found out I still prefer visual editor. So I’m looking is it possible to change markdown editor to visual editor through codes, so it’s something like with you type ** and then some text, later when you close it with another ** the ** will be hidden and the text will be styled bold. Is it possible to achieve this?

If can’t is it possible to replace the editor in ghost with other editors like CKEditor?

That’s something I would also love, visual editors…

You can use any external editor you want, and the koeing editor should be able to convert it into a ghost-friendly version (which you then save and publish). I don’t know how to test if the chinese characters will save properly though - the text might look wonky in the editor but when you view it on your site, it should look fine.

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But how can I replace it? Should I mask it with client-side script? Or directly replace the code inside Ghost application. Any recommended method?

You wouldn’t be replacing the Koeing editor but you would be using a separate editor which is in no way related to ghost. Once you have you content ready, you can copy it over to the Koeing editor and save it

But I want to edit on ghost, like I’m not going to leave my site. I prefer editing directly on my ghost website. Any method for this? Or is it possible to mask a custom editor that’ll sync the text between markdown editor and custom editor?

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