Not getting email notifications about comments

Hey folks,

I started using the native comments features, but I’m not getting the email notifications for my own posts. I’m the only author and staff member on my blog and I have all notifications enabled:

I do get notifications for new member signups, though :thinking:

Also, nothing in spam folder.

Any ideas on how to debug this further?

Are you self-hosting your site, or using Ghost(Pro)? :slight_smile: Could you share a little more information about your setup?

Hey Kym,

Thanks for checking! I’m hosting on

That looks like a managed hosting service, so in this case you’ll need to reach out to their support :)

Thanks Kym!

Looks all good from their side, they’ve sent me a successful log and asked to forward to outlook :sweat_smile:

Did you encounter similar problems with the “original” blog hosting and do you have better ways of solving them? In that case I’d consider to move my hosting to :thinking:

With Ghost(Pro) hosting, email delivery is handled for you. Our sending domain is fully optimized for maximum deliverability, has a strong reputation and we consistently see extremely high delivery rates and low spam rates.

It is worth noting that Outlook is notorious for poor spam handling, and sometimes puts emails into a hidden suppressions folder.

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Yes, that’s a big plus to go Pro, thanks for sharing! :))

In the end, the problem actually was that I had mailgun setup with the same email address as the author, so I assume the mailbox couldn’t send an email to itself :crazy_face: