Ghost How do I stop receiving email notifications for comments I reply to when writing comments?

Hello dear Ghost users. :heart_eyes:

I do a small blog in Korea and I love sending email newsletters via mailgun and responding to every comment.

I’m using Ghost’s default comment system.

However, the problem is that when I reply to each comment, unnecessary mail notifications are sent to my email.

I would like to correct this problem because the charge is based on the number of comments x2 of the member.

I want to modify it so that email notifications do not come when I wrote the answer myself, but I don’t know which part to look for.

I look forward to your advice.
thank you :)

There’s a toggle to disable comments on your profile page. Be sure to save (ctrl/cmd+s or the save button at the top right of the page) after making the change!

Thank you for your kindness. :laughing:
However, can’t I selectively avoid notifications only for comments I’ve written?
I am willing to directly modify the code for this.