[Not-Solved - Tutorial link added] Update doesnt work - Ghost as .onion service and on the clearnet in parallel

Hey there,

I am very new to Ghost and just installed Ghost 4.3.3 on Ubuntu bullseye/sid / focal.

Everything works fine. However I have an advanced request that drives me kinda crazy.

I want my blog to be accessible on the clearnet, via normal URL. But I also want to run it as an .onion site for the TOR browser.

This setup would require that Ghost is accessible via HTTP, without a redirect.
The local configuration would be
HiddenServicePort 80 which fails, because Ghost wants to redirect to 443.

When I configure the hidden service to use 443, like this:
HiddenServicePort 443
the site works, but apparently the TOR browser displays a bright error warning, as the SSL cert name is a mismatch.

So now I am looking for a way to enable the local tor configuration and service to access Ghost via http, while at the same time I can maintain the http to https redirect on the clearnet.

Anyone any idea?

Thanks in advance!

I answered my own question and did a write up here: [Tutorial] One ghost blog, available on clearnet and as onion service

Unfortunately this doesnt work. When I add a new entry on the clearnet page, it is not update on the onion instance.
However when I go to my publisher profile on the onion site, I can see the new entry. Clicking it produces a 404 error.
I have to manually restart the ghost instance, then it works.