Offer popup doesn’t work if already a member

I have three tiers: a free one, a $5 a month one, and a $9 a month one. I created an offer for the top tier of a third off for four months ($6 a month instead of $9).

Here’s the issue: as far as I can tell through impersonation, the popup link doesn’t fire if the person is already a paid member. And, of course, the offer doesn’t show in the regular upgrade dialog.


From what one of my clients says, there may not be a way for a current paid member to take an offer, anyway, so perhaps it’s good that it doesn’t show up?
(You may want to test further with impersonation.)

Yes, I’ve tested various scenarios, and it does appear that offers do not work for paid members, no matter what tier they are at.

I wound up sending a follow-up email to persons on the middle tier that if they wanted to take advantage of the offer, email me and I would set it up for them manually.