Restricting ability to sign up for paid membership vs free

Hi all,
Based on playing around with Ghost, I think this is possible but I wanted to check with the experts.

I’m looking at a scenario where anyone would be able to sign up for the free tier, but the paid tier would essentially be invite-only.

It seems I would simply only make “free” available at sign-ups in the settings and then send the link to the paid sign-up found in portal to those who are “invited”.

Is this possible and if so, is this the best way to implement?


Whoops! I just found this in my drafts folder!

I’m not sure Portal will allow a user to select a tier that is off, even with a direct link. That’d be easy enough to test, however. :slight_smile:

Other possibilities:
Custom membership pages (skip Portal) that show only the free tier. Paid tier is on, but not shown to users. (This would be easiest with a theme that already implements membership pages, but you’d definitely need some tweaks.)