Offers not showing during signup via portal


I have created an offer - a discount of 50% for a yearly subscription, which I intend to give to the first 100 subscribers who sign up for the year’s sub.

I created the offer, and the offer link works fine, but when you attempt to subscribe via Portal, the offer doesn’t show, and the discount is not applied.

  • Visiting the offer link applies the offer
  • Subscribing via the Portal subscription button does not display the offer

What am I doing wrong here - there’s no way I can have my subscribers enter an offer code either.

I am not using a custom subscription page - I am using the Portal subscription screen.



This is expected - offers don’t appear within Portal unless the visitor has clicked the offer link.

Offers in Ghost are designed so you can share an offer using custom links with your audience. For example, you can share an offer link in a newsletter delivered to your free members, on social media, or work with partners who share your offer link with their audience.

If you want to share your offer with all visitors to your website for a specific amount of time - then you could add a banner to your site that contains the offer URL.