Old iOS App "Ghostly"

Prior to Ghost’s 1.0 upgrade, there was an independent iOS app called “Ghostly”. The app is now defunct and appears to have taken a back-burner in the developer’s priorities.

Has anyone from the Ghost Staff tried reaching out to see if the developer would consider open-sourcing the app and dumping it into the official Ghost iOS repository? It seems like this could provide other community developers with a good starting point.

The app’s twitter account: https://twitter.com/Ghostlyapp
Developer’s Github: kennywalker (Kenny Walker) · GitHub
Developer’s website: http://kenny-walker.com/


There is an another iOS Ghost client app called Phantom by Alberto Cantallops that is in active development at the moment - it has a few rough edges by it’s a very good start. Alberto is away on holiday at the moment, but he’s been very responsive to feedback.


Thanks, I hadn’t heard of that one!

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Nice! Glad to see that there is some iOS support out there. Agreed, some rough edges in places but otherwise pretty slick!

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Phantom is great. Thanks!

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Hi, I am Alberto Cantallops the developer behind Phantom Editor app for iOS.

I’m glad to see that you like it. If you have any suggestion feel free to contact me here or by email at iosphantomeditor@gmail.com

And if any of you are ios developer feel free to contribute. The app is open source at github.


Is there any way to integrate the autocomplete (which sort of functions as a spell check feature) into the iOS app?

Sure, I’m currently working on it.


Hi em_div, I just update the app (1.0.7) and now it is possible to autocomplete/autocorrect and spell check the text. It is possible to deactivate it in App Settings section. I hope it will be useful.

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Oh, I already did. It’s wonderful.


Great to know Phantom app.
I just install it and run but have some issue. I can login to my ghost blog but contents are not displayed but tags are displayed successfully.

Any clue for this issue?


You’re probably using the Koenig editor. The same problem currently exists with the official Android app.

Thanks for the information.
But it still failed even I disabled the Koeing Editor.

Phantom is updated. Now the page list is loaded finally. Even some post(maybe created by Koeing Editor) are not opened(Phantom is crashed).

Thanks @Cantallops for the update

This is amazing!! Thank you so much :-p

no thats ok but for me it was working smooth on my iPad Pro when it was running on ios 10 however as I have updated to ios 11.3 whenever now I am opening the app it only loads a blank screen on the start up and crashes after a while automatically. How do I fix it?
with regards
miles smith
https://akinator.ooo/ https://xender.vip/

Hi @Cantallops, are there plans to make the app more widely available? I can’t download it from the Australian App Store.

Thanks. :+1:

Hi there where I can download this “ghostly” app original and official version from my device I visited App store and I saw two apps which has common name which is little bit confusing for me.