Ghost Publisher for iOS is now Publisher for Ghost

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Today I released the 1.0 update of the Ghost Publisher iOS app (now called Publisher for Ghost per Apple guidelines). This update features an overhaul to the main component of the app: the editor. Now, instead of markdown, you can edit your posts on the go in pretty much the same way you do on the web, with an almost fully featured WYSIWYG mobiledoc editor. Embeds are currently not displayed, needing some more work on making sure things are getting encoded correctly, and you can’t insert markdown or html, but they can be edited and captions can be placed on anything.

If you want to edit your blog on the go, please download the app and leave a review, as well as any feedback or suggestions. Happy blogging!


Android version planned?

This is fantastic. Going to review for sure since i was waiting for this. Thanks for the work.

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I don’t have much experience with Android development, but I can definitely give it a shot!

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I’ve tried this app and it is not supported to Sinhala language. Check this site. This is the language that I’m using for content.

I have an update pending approval for the app store to fix this!

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I think it better to publish this with as the official app for mobile. If you have donw this with flutter, it will help you to create APK also.

Cc: @DavidDarnes

It was built as a native iOS app because that’s where I have the most experience and I’m a believer that native apps are generally better. I’m looking into building a native android app, which I have some experience with but not much.

It would be awesome to publish as an official app, but that will require permission from the ghost team, and probably some more features to put it on par with the existing ghost admin apps. I also assume there’s a reason official mobile apps don’t currently exist, although I’m not sure what those reasons are.

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I think they will consider about this.

Hey @jacobsokora! Tried the app this weekend, very cool. Wasn’t able to load all my posts for some reason, only 4 or 5, but other than that it worked nicely.

One tip is that you’ll need some handling for sites which serve admin and front-end on different domains (like all Ghost(Pro)) sites. Login didn’t work when I used - but it worked ok when I used Was easy enough for me to figure out, but less technical users may struggle.

Mainly just cause we don’t have the resources to work on it at the moment. People have high expectations for official apps, which makes them a lot of work. We’d definitely like to get around to it some day.

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Thanks for checking it out, I’m glad you thought it was cool! Really odd that it wouldn’t load more than four or five, it loads all posts for my blog, but to be fair there are only eight. I will do some testing. Are there any special configurations being used on the blog you tried?

I didn’t know about Ghost pro sites having different domains, I’ll add some kind of indication to the sign in view in the next update.

I would definitely like to get my app on par with what an official app would need, but you’re right, that will be a lot of work. I definitely plan to add some useful features like sorting and maybe nicer design on the main posts list, but there are a lot of features on the official desktop apps that won’t be possible with the existing apis (design, general settings, etc.)

Would definitely try the app.