One site, Multiple Ghost themes

Let’s say I wanted to run a blog using Iveel’s Dawn theme but I wanted to have a navigation bar link to a podcast page running the Wave theme. Is that possible, and how can it be done?

You would need to take a theme and copy the code of the other one to match your needs.

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I was thinking I could set up multiple different sites on one droplet by setting them as subdomains (ie, and set each of them to have a different theme, then link them all to the main blog by creating links to each subdomain through the navigation bar. That would allow different themes on each section of the site. Would there be a way if you signed in on the main site (as a member) it would sign you into all sub domains as well? Can you customise the info you request when a person signs in? I need them to sign in with a username and password, not an email address.

It would be way, way easier to cut and paste code from the different themes.

Also, you are losing SEO benefits of creating more pages if you have podcast pages and blog pages on separate sub domains.

Consider the fact that your user would come to one site and then experience a totally different theme by going to another part of your website.

I too would like help with this matter …I achieved the idea but its nothing more than duck tape and bubble gum :disappointed:

That’s exactly what i’m thinking of doing. Using the Dope theme to divide three sections of the site. A blog, podcast and a forum. The blog will run Dawn and the podcast will run Wave. How did you set it up to go from Dope to Edge if you don’t mind me asking? It looks great.

I’m not that concerned about the contrast of the themes because all the Iveel themes are very similar looking to one another. It wouldn’t be much of a contrast from one to the other. The bit that confuses me though is the CSS. Could each page be set up as a custom template?