One-time payment with Paypal

Hello Ghost Forum,

I am new to Ghost and to this forum. Via a search on Google I came after a while out at Ghost.
My goal is a decent blogging website with (very) specialised content. I am not a tech guy (however, my background is IT), so I will certainly opt for the SaaS version (Ghost Pro).
I live in Europe. As Europeans, we almost NEVER have heard of Stripe. However Paypal is quite common.
I understand that Ghost Pro has a mechanism for members, who are paying or have paid a (recurring) fee. And that this has been implemented also with Paypal.
However, some of my articles will be so specialised, that some readers will only be interested in those articles, and not in the rest of the articles. So I am looking for a service where the reader can choose between a membership (recurring fee) and a one-time fee for one article. Like you have with the app Zinio. There you can buy one magazine (at a higher one-time cost) or take a subscription on the magazine (at a lower recurring fee).

Can I realize this on the Ghost Pro-platform ? I read something about tips, that idea is not bad, but I would want also a minimum (or fixed) one-time fee for an article (f.e. 5 EUR).

Any help, suggestions, … greatly appreciated.

  1. You can connect Stripe with Paypal, so Stripe processes the payment and users can pay through Paypal. But there is a country limitation, you can check here

  2. One-time payment is not available in Ghost now, but I think you can achieve this by adding payment links in articles and adding users manually into Ghost members after payment.

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