Only export posts, not all settings

I have two Ghost Pro sites and I am condensing them into 1, is there a way to export ONLY posts from one of them to import?
I can see you can export but I do not want to overwrite the settings from the site I’m going to use as it’s already up and running.


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I’m not sure about that, but if you’re comfortable editing JSON, you can remove the settings from the export.


Hey Ghost team, if you’re listening, it would be /really/ nice to have some more fine-grained import or export tools. (I’m not picky which - I’m happy to say “just give me posts” on the import or “just write out posts” on the export.


Yeah I can do that just didn’t know if the import would accept just the posts.
Will give it a go today and test my luck.

Would be a good feature to add!

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