Ghost 4 Feature Request: Small expansion of usability for Import/Export Feature

I love the simplicity and unbloated-ness of ghost. So any feature I think of I always ask myself: is there another way I can do that without adding more bloat? Is the feature that helpful? Is it really needed?

In this case I think so:

I love the import/export .json backup of your entire blog. This is so comforting to have out of box. However, when I tried to export, change the json, then re-import. Or to simply import from a backup, the existing content was not overwritten. Instead duplicates of everything were made. I would love to see the some slightly expanded options for the import function. Maybe Overwrite? Or maybe an option to simply wipe your whole ghost DB (likely from a different place in interface). Then you could import cleanly. This would make the import function far more useful, in it’s current state it only supports the case where you want to import data into a fresh install, not an existing one.

Hey, I think this is possible.

There is a Delete all content in the Ghost admin. It’ll Permanently delete all posts and tags from the database, a hard reset.

And then you can Import posts from another Ghost installation with Import content from the Ghost admin.