Opensource mobile app for Ghost Blogs (Android + iOS)

This application is a GhostCMS client built using React Native for

GitHub Repo


androidwedakarayo/ghost-blog-reactnativeapp (



  1. Download the latest pre-packaged version from Google Play.
  2. Download the universal APK directly from releases.
  3. No pre-built binaries are available for iOS, you can use the below instructions to build it yourself.

Build yourself (Android)

  1. For this you first need to install React Native on your system.
  2. Install node and npm.
  3. Clone this project.
  4. Install the dependencies. npm install
  5. Go to Firebase and create a new project.
  6. Configure a new Android project.
  7. download and place google-services.json file in android/app folder.
  8. Create a new key store using Java keytool.
  9. Fill Keystore information on android/
  10. Run npx react-native run-android --variant=release (This command will only execute successfully when you have have valid keystore credentials)

(You need an Android device running Android 5.0 or later plugged in to your machine or an emulator for this to work.)

Build yourself (iOS)

This project is not configured to run on iOS yet. Therefore a bit more work is needed. You also need a Mac with xCode installed to build the iOS binary.

  1. Install React-native.
  2. Configure react-navigation, react-native-firebase and react-native-svg - Follow the iOS section.
  3. Configure a new Firebase app with valid credentials.
  4. Follow instructions on React Native docs to build an iOS binary.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change. Please use the demo Ghost API for development.

API_KEY: 22444f78447824223cefc48062

This project uses semver (major.minor.patch) use npm version command to version this app. Native files would be updated automatically using react-native-version. You need npx for this to work. (Comes preinstalled with npm >= 5.2) If you don’t have npx please first install react-native-version globally by running npm intall -g react-native-version.


We need a good UI/UX for this app, so lets make this happen.