Create / Update an application to write from Android and iOS

Hello, Ghost friends.

It is a pleasure to be part of this community for more than a year.

My suggestion is that you can update the existing application or create a new one where you can access the websites developed with Ghost, both within, as well as other hosting such as DigitalOcean and others.

I make this request because like me, I am sure that many of us who have websites managed with Ghost, travel constantly. Which would facilitate the way we can write on our blog / website without being tied to the laptop. (Laptop / iMac)

This would be a great advantage over other CMS that are competitors, but do not have an application (WordPress if you have an application). It would be very interesting if the application is not only available for Android devices, but also for iOS.

Many times I have great ideas and I would like to write them directly in Ghost CMS, take a photo and put it as a featured image … and not write in a notepad application on the cell phone. This to later finish the initial idea on the computer, or perhaps also publish it directly from the phone.

Without further ado … I wish you the best in the world. They do a great job and I love them.


Sorry, I’m not entirely sure but are you suggesting a native application for mobile? Because you can already edit your Ghost website on the move from a mobile device just via a web browser at Fastest Web Hosting Services | Buy High Quality Hosting

I think you may be using the Ghost desktop application currently? Which was deprecated, I believe (I liked using it, but I understand why it is no longer being developed).

Or have I misunderstood your question?

What I was suggesting is a native app. For both Android and iOS.

I have not yet tried the new features in version 4.9.x from the mobile browser. I am aware that the “last” update has better compatibility, since I am active in Ghost’s private community, but even with good compatibility in mobile browsers, a native app that works only with the basics would be very good, Featured Image, Title, Excerpt and post content.

That can be left in draft, published or scheduled. Without going too far into the other settings like themes, integrations, and all of Ghost’s great settings.

I didn’t mean to give the impression that I am opposed to a native mobile app :slightly_smiling_face: It can be quite a bit of work though, I think.

Is there another super secret Discourse forum or something that I’m unaware of? If so, I am deeply hurt :stuck_out_tongue: But seriously, I am curious if there is one.

And it just occurred to me that a native app might be great for people who have a smartphone but not a laptop or PC. I shouldn’t assume that everybody has access to a computer.

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This is a VERY high requirement for me and my wife.

We travel in a campervan and use Ghost to blog our adventures, add pictures, and generally tell the kids where their inheritance has gone!

The campervan is tiny and only has 12v so no laptops, and we rarely take tablets just the phones.

Previously we had Quill, Ghost for Android, and Obsess (which still works for me for we couldn’t set my wife up today), today nothing.

Donald reckons one can simply use the normal web interface. Indeed it is fine for text only posts but the mobile version doesn’t cater for adding images etc. It IS doable if you switch to desktop view but, c’mon guys, have you tried using desktop view on a 5" phone??? No, I thought not!

It really is a genuine requirement for us nomads who, a few years ago thought Ghost was they way to go, and are now starting to look for alternatives. Shame as I really like Ghost!

If supporting an Android app is a bridge too far, then at least please look into improving the mobile CSS etc so that the module version of the admin panels are in line with the desktop.

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Yes, I second this, as a blogging traveler I also want to have a offline-first approach for creating ghost content (text, fotos, geoloc). I’ll put together a little android app with that functionality. Hold on for a minute…

If you search for Obsidian on this forum now, you’ll find someone who was working on an Obsidian Ghost plugin that included photo upload support. You could confirm with that author if it will work on Android.

Here you are: hauntED a straightforward content pusher for ghost cms. Note that this is more a proof of concept than a finished app. If you need production stability wait for a release on a public repo.

Oh, there once was an android project of an modiledoc editor for android: Mobiledoc editor (or: Build a Koenig-equivalent for Android/cross-platform) · Issue #41 · TryGhost/Ghost-Android · GitHub