Order of Images is incorrect when Blog is Posted

Issue Summary
-Over the last several weeks whenever I do a blog post on Ghost, the order of images in the final post is different than how I laid them out in the editor. Sometimes I have been able to catch the error in preview. And fix it by simply re-copying and pasting the images. But on my last post the final version was blasted out to my subscribers and still had the wrong image order.

What’s crazy is that when you open up that post in the editor now, the images are in the right order. But they’re still in the wrong order on the final posted version.

Sometimes the images are also duplicated. There doesn’t seem to be major rhyme or reason to how the order gets messed up.

I used Ghost for about 6 months without this issue cropping up. And it just started up 3 weeks ago.

I would really appreciate some guidance on how to fix this. It’s getting very frustrating.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. I’ve simply been posting the same way I’ve always been posting. My posts have lots of images that I copy and paste from snipping tool in Windows into the editor. There was never an issue before.
  2. The only thing I can think of is it was about 3 weeks ago that I started putting hyperlinks in the captions to the images. Not sure why this would impact it. But I did that around the time the issue started.

There was someone who posted about a similar issue last year. Here’s the link: Lazyload is loading incorrect images - Themes - Ghost Forum

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version
If self-hosting - share which version of Node.js you’re using.

How did you install Ghost?
Provide some details about your install of Ghost if you are self-hosting.

Provide details of your host & operating system
Digital Ocean is the host.

Database type
Not sure

Browser & OS version
This bug has cropped up on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Relevant log / error output

Since this issue doesn’t happen most of the time, it would be useful to have an example of a post where the issue can observed.

Thanks for the response, Mark.

This issue now happens every time I make a post on Ghost, and it started about one month ago.

One additional thing I noticed: when I formally upload the images into Ghost, there is no problem.

It only crops up when I copy and paste images into the Ghost Editor.

Not sure if that helps isolate what the problem might be.

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