Bug in images which are uploaded locally

I am having issues uploading the images from my laptop. When I upload them, they appear like they should be. But when I go back, save the blog and come back to edit it, (not published yet) the images get broken. (see the attached screenshot)

When I upload any image by the url, it works fine. Even if I go back and then open the blog for editing.

What should I do?


Sounds like a problem with retrieving the local images.

How are you hosting your blog? Are you using any storage adapters (asking because I have seen this behaviour with wrongly configured adapters)?

Two other reasons I’ve seen that cause similar problems:

  1. Your Ghost is configured with the url value as http but you’re hosting on https so you have mixed-content errors
  2. You have your Admin area hosted on a different domain to your front-end and you have hot-linking protection enabled somewhere in your hosting stack
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