OSX Safari and Win IE can't get to editor login


I’ve got several containers of the latest version of ghost installed on my server (CoreOS VMs). All of them are reverse proxied through nginx. Some of them listen to

  • user1.mydomain.tld
  • user2.mydomain.tld

others are listening to

  • myotherdomain.tld/user1
  • myotherdomain.tld/user2

The url env variables for each blog are set accordingly.

All of them are on the internet and with Chrome ALL works as expected. I get past the login right into the editor. This is with Chrome on OS X as well as with Chrome on Win10. It also works with MS Edge on Win 10. It even works with Safari on IOS.

The problem is that, trying to do the same thing with Safari on OS X or the Win IE, I can’t get to the login page. The spinning circle pops up and will stay there. Accessing the public blog works fine though.

OSX is El Capitan
Win10 is the latest update

Did anybody come across the same problem and knows a fix for this? If not, I can provide more information as and when required.



Hey @Carsten :wave: Sorry you’re having issues! Can you open Safari’s developer tools (right-click the page and choose Inspect Element) to see if there are any errors reported on the Console tab?

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the prompt response. I guess this is what you are after: (?)



Thanks @Carsten that was exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately I’m not able to reproduce the problem using Safari 11.1 on macOS High Sierra. Currently trying to test IE 11 on Win 8.1

Some more screenshots.

When I click on the vendor.min … I get this:


When I click on ghost.min … I get that:


@Carsten which version of Safari and IE are you using? We only support the last 2 versions of Safari (11.0 & 11.1) and IE11.

I can confirm IE11 is currently broken.

Safari is 9.1.3. That could be the problem. I refrain from upgrading OS X, that’s why I’m stuck with 9.1.3., I guess.

If you look deeper into the IE11 prob and you can fix the problem there, it might also cure the prob with Safari.

This bug isn’t too annoying since I’ve got a workaround with Chrome, but I’m glad you can reproduce it and might look into it.

Thanks for your help!



I’ve opened an issue to track the problem here

Cool, thanks Kevin!

Just to add that I’ve got the issue also in local mode (192.168.xxx.xxx:2368). Just to rule out that there is something with the proxy in the way.



These particular errors are resolved in master and will be released next Tuesday.

The fix allows the admin area to load in IE11 but unfortunately there are a number of other problems in that browser that may or may not get in the way of using the admin area effectively. If anyone is invested in using IE11 then PRs to resolve problems are very welcome :smile: That being said we’re likely to drop IE11 support in Ghost 2.0 so finding an alternative such as using recent versions of Edge/Chrome/Safari/Firefox or Ghost desktop is recommended.

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