Admin page keeps loading in IE11

After trying to fix the issue by following answers in other threads to no avail, I turn to you for help.

I am running Ghost 2.22.3 on a server in an internal network for some time and keep introducing users to it. Only now we notice that there is something wrong when going to the admin page through Internet Explorer 11.

The admin page (https://siteurl/ghost) only shows the loading spinner indicator and does show the login form.

The console shows the following errors:

DOM7011: The code on this page disabled back and forward caching. For more information, see:
File: ghost
HTML1300: Navigation occurred.
File: ghost
SCRIPT1003: Expected ':'
File: vendor.min-baeef020ffb094fc22aa5e15de012302.js, Line: 4684, Column: 73
SCRIPT1002: Syntax error
File: ghost.min-f0637d8c28b3df29ae9e8ab6b9ddf06a.js, Line: 3, Column: 56

Both error SCRIPT1003 and SCRIPT1002 do not seem to make sense.

SCRIPT1003 points to this line:
return{default:self.jQuery,__esModule:!0}})}(),Ember.Component.reopen({$(e){if(this.element)return e?jQuery(e,this.element):jQuery(this.element)}}),Ember.libraries.register("Ember Postcss","4.2.0"),function(e){e.Debug=e.Debug||{},e.Debug.registerDeprecationHandler=function(){},

Suggesting it expects a “:” right after the $

SCRIPT1002 points to:
var s=t.default.extend({shouldBackgroundReloadRecord:()=>!1})

Which is a valid syntax to the best of my knowledge

Everything works just fine in Firefox (I am using version 68)

Does anyone know what causes these errors and how to fix it?

IE11 was released in 2013 and is extremely out of date - we no longer do any testing in it, or support the browser with Ghost Admin. I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Edge, if you need to use an OS native browser.

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Thank you John for the immediate response. I wish I could make IE11 go away too. Since Windows 7 is still supported till the end of the year, which IE11 as default browser, I will have to deal with it. I will make sure the visitors get to see a notification pointing them to other web browsers.