Sending Post to Members Shows the Whole Content even When Set to Paid Only

Latest version (4.2.0).

Added myself as a free member as a test.
Config file updated with MailGun email preferences and so is the newsletter setup in Ghost admin.

Created a new post and set it to “Paid only”. Publish with toggle set to on for “Send by email” to members.

Email is received (protonmail). Email shows the whole post content.

Is this by design or did I do something wrong? Should the email not only show the post excerpt, if any, and not the full content?

To my understanding, the email should include the “upgrade cta” in a scenario like this, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

I tried the same and on the second attempt I included the “preview” card. Yet, the full content is shown when receiving the post by email.

Feeling slightly confused…

Emails are always the full post content, it’s only the web version that is limited.

Typically if you have free and paid membership levels, free members would be sent fewer emails than paid members rather than being repeatedly sent emails they can’t read.

Hi @Kevin,

Okay. I need to be careful when sending emails on “publish” to make sure it’s only sent to paying subscribers.

Please consider an implementation where the “send to members” does not show the full post content.

It would be nice being able to notify members that there’s new content available and being able to include an upgrade option (optional) CTA with the email. Having this would, in my opinion, make the system even more powerful.

Thanks for explaining though :wink: Appreciate it.