*paid* GDPR-friendly theme with powerful search and tags bonanza!

Hi good Ghost folks, I’m looking for a theme that can be easily customized or is GDPR-friendly by default: meaning no/minimal data “leakage”/sharing (no Google fonts, social media stuff etc.). All data will be stored in the EEA (so will likely have to use a separate ESP) and I’ll definitely also need a Stripe alternative. Ideally I’d keep several tiers but I’d give them up for this… :-/

The purpose of the site is to share updates with subscribers. Each update (post) will contain several tags, so solid tag management is crucial. I’ll need a really good option for displaying these numerous tags on one page where posts can be easily filtered, sorted and/or searched (by tag(s).

Finally I need awesome search capabilities.

Not too tall of an order I hope? :innocent:

Is there anything like this out there? Or any themes that could fit the bill and be tweaked? Or is this more likely a custom order?

Open for any tips, suggestions and/or recommendations for solid, reliable, conscientious agencies or freelancers to work with on this!